reflection reminder

I want to remind myself and readers of my earlier blog’s subtitle:  planting thoughts about poetry, education and writing instruction (I have re-ordered the three subjects, as of today).  The “About” section of this new site has a link to those earlier posts.

Since moving from San Francisco to Atlanta, I have written next to nothing here.  It’s time to move off the dime, and the reminder above helps me do that.  I started this blog as a way of “returning the gift” to professional colleagues, especially those just starting their teaching career.  By nature I am relatively reflective, and by experience I am positioned to look back and consider what has worked, what has not and what I am trying anew.

The planting metaphor helps move me toward sustainable blogiculture, insofar as I can plant seeds or seedlings–for future harvest.  For now, I tell myself, I can turn the soil in my “scanty plot of ground” (Wordsworth sonnet), then plant a radish seed, swiss chard leaf or a baby head of red leaf lettuce.  It’s OK to just plant for now–without revving up the combine to pour produce into the trailing truck.  Simply plant the dried seeds, returning occasionally to water and weed.  My earlier blog’s title, which refers to an essay I wrote for an in-house professional conference while working in Tulsa, reflects the need for time in learning, as well as learning in (over) time.

Let’s see how this reminder works.  Time will tell.

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