Trusting Students

In today’s New York Times, we learn about a poetry assembly at Horace Mann School.  If interested, I suggest you follow up by reading two student opinion pieces in the school’s online newspaper, The Horace Mann Record.  Esther Ademola wrote one, and  Katie Bartel wrote the other.  Both writings remind us to trust students to be courageous, compassionate and intelligent.  Not all students maintain our trust (nor do we always earn theirs), but many of them do.   These two students at Horace Mann show us how to make distinctions.  They can think, and write, with discernment.  We adults should likewise.  Not all students are the same, but we should trust the potential in each individual.


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2 responses to “Trusting Students

  1. The best K-12 teacher I had made it clear that she had high expectations for all of us, in academics and in our behavior in class. All she had to do was look up at some one and clear her throat and they’d quit misbehaving. For a while I thought we worked hard in her class because it was a difficult class. Then I realized we worked hard because we wanted to please the teacher and show her that she wasn’t wrong to believe in us.

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