there’s a divinity that shapes our ends . . .

. . . rough hew them how we will

What follows is a flow chart of ideas prompted primarily by an article about the current broadway revival of Miller’s Death of a Salesman.  I read the article about a month ago. Some day–perhaps some day soon–I will convert this sequence to a coherent collection of sentences.  For now, I just want to record the chain of associations–the code, as it were.

this line keeps meaning more to me with time, and help.

today I read DOS article, C Isherwood in NYT

then outlined my response to final Hamlet essay question for seniors

which took me to this line, and the Cambridge gloss

after which I thanked my wife for clipping the DOS article

which led to our talking, almost tearfully, about the depth and resonance of Miller’s play

which led me back to this line that acknowledges importance of intuition

which reminded me of Miller’s description of his composition–for example, his hoarseness, the quickness and few revisions

which took me to remembering Darrick’s influence on my work

which made me realize the gap between what I had meant to mean for Darrick, what I now see in the line

all of which does not diminish my feelings about Darrick’s influence, but simultaneously refines my understanding of Sh’s line and its application to Miller’s distinctive place in American drama, and world literature

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