think critically

Since in our department we are discussing specifics in this area, I thought I would post my working list of skills, partly because I had fun generating the various verbs.  I plan to test the efficacy of these labels by tagging homework assignments posted on our course’s blog.  This may be a useful way to hold myself accountable for guiding students in exercising these skills.  I am trying to make the list fairly inclusive while also manageable, and, as a bonus, memorable.

Here’s the working list:

forge connections, draw distinctions, make inferences, shape meaningful schema, create pictures, provide examples, make predictions, express questions

p.s.  I wonder if I can string these together into a meaningful schema; I’m still playing with that possibility.  As the picture shows, I am posting them above the white board, too–for regular reference and reinforcement.  The little post-it signals the possibility of students’ placing an original piece of visual art to render each skill.  Time will tell.

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