for those of us who mourn

the delicate networks of our nerves

lie exposed to cold gusts of morning wind,

like the branches of so many trees

whose leaves have fallen to the frozen ground.


even so, silhouettes of twilight birds

try to find one another in song;

distant dark dots against the early gray sky,

they know to follow these choral connections.


they cry for food and love.

nature has schooled them to sing.

their cries are the sweetest sounds.

the morning sky is full of these songs.

bare trees 1

Bill Brown, 16 December 2012


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5 responses to “for those of us who mourn

  1. Stephen G Kennedy

    Beautiful…Thank you.

  2. A beautiful elegy, Bill. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Stephen and Holly. This sketch started while walking my dog Saturday morning. I took the photograph a week ago. An alternate title I discarded was “bare ruined choirs.” You both know that that’s where “late the sweet birds sang.”

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