learning in time the most valued ideas

Most valuable ideas occur to me, whenI have time to recognize and consider them.  Typically, this happens on early-morning weekend walks.  I wonder how current school cultures do, or refreshed cultures might, enrich each community-wichitalearner’s day with more time to reflect.  This blog used to be called “Learning in Time” because I believe that’s how learning happens best.  Although I have changed the name of the blog, I still hold close its founding idea.


I wonder where  you see such time in your educational experience?

At the same time, I wonder where, in your educational vision, you imagine it?

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  1. Though retired now, I have found learning time both speeding up and slowing down at once. Perhaps Einstein would be proud – or not? But I am certainly more conscious of both learning and of time – and where and when they intersect. Like many “mature citizens,” I do at times wish I had been much more aware of my learning/time decades ago….

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