astute student explains strife and grief

“It is common throughout the history of man that the failure of individuals to respect and recognize the beliefs, culture, and commonality of other human beings leads to, or creates, strife and grief. The inability or unwillingness to understand, also known as ignorance, is a generator of strife and grief.”


Although just a first draft of an essay’s opening,  these two sentences by a sophomore boy inspire me.  They remind me that the young people with whom we teachers work have deep appreciation for life’s challenges.  The job of adults in school communities is to give them chances to express such appreciation in ways that mean something to them and those around them.


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2 responses to “astute student explains strife and grief

  1. His words have also inspired me this morning, as I tackle my own writing — and as I listen to the morning news — and as I read about the world’s events on the internet. He has insight and sensitivity – as well as skillful use of the language. May he have hope and persistence that those talents will be applied to making the world kinder and wiser as well.

    • Thank you, Stephen. I will make sure he reads your comment. May he join you in using words towards kindness and wisdom. In fact, one of our essential course questions this year is “What does wisdom look like?” Knowing you and this young writer, I have several answers in mind.

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