Modern Monsters

Seniors have just begun their own blogs. If this model post is any indication, wonderful insights await the readers of these student reflections.



In Seamus Heaney’s translation of Beowulf, the protagonist faces demons and dragons that threaten the lives of those around him as well as his own life. The author eagerly describes the heroic battles in which Beowulf conquers medieval beasts with dangerous weapons. With each monster more difficult to defeat than the last, Beowulf continues to vanquish his enemies and protect the kingdom of the Danes. Heroic even in his last moments, Beowulf embodies courage as he embarks on his journey to defeat the terrifying monsters jeopardizing the kingdom’s well being as a whole. Praise and glory accompanied Beowulf in defeating his monsters, but what about those whose monsters cannot be conquered with a sword or any material object alone? In Beowulf, the beasts were clearly defined and, in the end, each could be thwarted by means of a weapon. However, in reality, our own modern monsters hide in secluded…

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