Meet the Staffulty: Darrick Broudy

I am proud and grateful to have worked alongside Darrick during those early years of The BAY School of San Francisco. He is one of the most intelligent, creative and caring persons I know. What fun it is to laugh with him.

The Bay School Blog

If he wasn’t a teacher, he would be living in a van traveling the world climbing mountains. Meet Darrick Broudy, a founding Bay staffulty member who teaches courses in humanities, electronic music and African American Spirituality. In the beginning, he was drawn not only to the mission and philosophy of this brand new school but to the idea building something from the ground up. “I had no idea how much work it would be to start a school, but being a part of it was pretty cool!”

One of Darrick’s fondest memories of his early days at Bay was getting the opportunity to build a Humanities program from scratch. Coming from a history background, it excited Darrick to create a program that integrated history and literature. He was also excited to apply the practice of mindfulness, one of Bay’s core values, to every aspect of the program, from the way…

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