enjoy learning from each other: apples and reactions

advisory apples.17Aug16 Recently, as an advisory group of ten students and one teacher, we were scheduled to discuss a book we chose to read over the summer, When Breath Becomes Air.  To the session, I brought eleven different apples.  Each one an apple, but each one with a different name, shape, color and flavor.  Before talking about the book, we sampled some of the apples, giving each one a score out of ten, and eventually asking the question:  would eat it again?  The clear winners were the Jazz and Kanzi varieties.  Some of us also advocated for Ambrosia.

Once we started discussing the book, we had been fueled by fresh fruit juice and multiple metaphors.  We had what I thought was a wonderful discussion, with everyone feeling free and encouraged to bring their personal reaction to the conversation.  As a result, we left with a richer appreciation of the book and each other.

My hope is that some of us remember the bowl of tasty apples and the exchange of individual opinions.

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